Ok these are all films or tv shows Alexander has been in. I have gotten as many plots for each movie or tv show as I could. You will mainly see the movie/tv show plots however there are a couple character role descriptions. Most of these story lines were gotten from imdb, amazon, or just google searched. These are in order from newest to oldest role. Some title will just have role and character per I couldn’t find the plot on the movie.

001. Battleship

Movie: Battleship, Year: 2011, Character: Commander Stone Hopper

002. Straw Dogs

Movie: Straw Dogs, Year: 2011, Character: Charlie

003. Melancholia

Movie: Melancholia, Year: 2011, Michael

003. Trust Me

Movie: Trust Me, Year: 2010, Alex

004. Moomins and the Comet Chase

Movie: Moomins and the Comet Chase: English Version, Year: 2010, Character: Moomintroll

005. 13

Movie: 13, Year: 2010, Character: Jack

006. Metropia

Movie: Metropia, Year: 2009, Character: Stefan

007. Paparazzi

Music Video: Paparazzi, Year: 2009, Character: The Boyfriend

008. Beyond The Pole

Movie: Beyond The Pole, Year: 2009, Character: Terje

009. True Blood

Tv: True Blood, Year: 2008-Current, Character: Eric Northman

010. Generation Kill

Tv: Generation Kill, Year: 2008, Character: Sgt. Brad ‘Iceman’ Colbert

011. Järnets änglar

Movie: Järnets änglar, Year: 2007, Character: Stefan

012. Leende guldbruna ögon

Tv: Leende guldbruna ögon, Year: 2007, Character: Boogey Knights sångare

013. Exit

Movie: Exit, Year: 2006, Character: Fabian von Klerking

014. Cuppen

Tv: Cuppen, Year: 2006, Character: Micke

015. Kill Your Darlings

Movie: Kill Your Darlings, Year: 2006, Character: Geert

016. Never Be Mine

Movie: Never Be Mine, Year: 2006, Character: Christopher

017. Om Sara

Movie: Om Sara, Year: 2005, Character: Kalle Öberg

018. The Last Drop

Movie: The Last Drop, Year: 2005, Character: Lt Jergen Voller

019. Revelations

Tv: Revelations, Year: 2005, Character: Gunnar Eklind

020. Som man bäddar

Movie: Som man bäddar, Year: 2005, Character: Nisse

021. Hjärtslag

Movie: Hjärtslag, Year: 2004, Character: Piloten

022. Att döda ett barn

Movie: Att döda ett barn, Year: 2003, Character: Writer/Director

023. Hundtricket – The movie

Movie: Hundtricket-The movie, Year: 2002, Character: Micke

024. D-dag-Den færdige film

Tv: D-dag-Den færdige film, Year: 2001, Character: Lise’s papsøn

025. Zoolander

Movie: Zoolander, Year: 2001, Character: Meekus

026. Drakarna över Helsingfors

Movie: Drakarna över Helsingfors, Year: 2001, Character: Robin Åström

027. Vingar av glas

Movie: Vingar av glas, Year: 2000, Character: Johan

028. Järngänget

Movie: Järngänget, Year: 2000, Character: Anders

029. Judith

Tv: Judith, Year: 2000, Character: Ante Lindström

030. Dykaren

Movie: Dykaren, Year: 2000, Character: Ingmar

031. D-dag – Lise

Tv: D-dag – Lise, Year: 2000, Character: Lise’s papsøn

032. D-dag

Tv: D-dag, Year: 2000, Character: Lise’s papsøn

033. Hundtricket

Tv: Hundtricket, Year: 2000, Character: Micke

034. Happy End

Movie: Happy End, Year: 1999, Character: Bamse Viktorsson

035. Vita lögner

Tv: Vita lögner, Year: 1999, Character: Marcus Englund

036. Hunden som log

Movie: Hunden som log, Year: 1989, Character: Jojjo

037. Idag röd

Tv: Idag röd, Year: 1987, Character: No Name

038. Åke och hans värld

Movie: Åke och hans värld, Year: 1984, Character: Kalle Nubb

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