Site: Upcoming Work

Well I didn’t want to wait so went ahead and did it lol. You can now find what Alex is currently working on over in the sidebar under upcoming work. Wants trailers and photos come out you will then find links next to his projects. I am excited with what’s going on with the site and how far the updates are coming along.

As always please keep checking back for news and site updates :-)

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Site: Filmography Update

Well I just updated Alex’s filmography section on this site. I updated it with his career that is not currently in pre or post production. Next I will be updating the sidebar with his most current roles. Again I want to thank all of you for continuing to visit this site and please keep checking back for updates.

Visit The Career Section

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Updates: Site Re-Opening

So Alexander Skarsgard Web has been down and invisible forever. With the help from the wonderful Faith this site is currently being worked on to get back up and running.

Sadly the site is basically going to be updated from 4-1-11 to current. I find it pointless to go back and update from a year. Once things are back up and running it will be back on track to updating the Gallery, Media, and more.

Please stay tuned and I am so sorry for the lack that has caused this site to disappear.

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Updates: Tonight

True Blood season 3 premier is on tonight. This site has been on a temp hiatus and I apologize for that. Please keep checking back because there will be multiple updates tonight.

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Site: We’re Moving

Ok so this site has applied to be hosted by The Fansites Network. So you may not be able to see the site for a few days because Gertie the owner over there will be getting everything transfered.

This is extremely good news. We will be able to house some of our own media videos, and of course she has pretty good servers so the site should usually be available to you.

Thanks for the understanding and I am excited lol.

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Site: Twitter

Yep that’s right you can follow us on twitter. You can now view most recent updates without having to visit us first. So please follow us and help make this the biggest Alexander Skarsgard fansite available.

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Site: Update

Ok you will be seeing a lot of updates. There just isn’t a lot of new stuff on Alexander right now. What I will be doing is getting old articles, videos, and stuff like that and posting it. The reason I am doing this, is so at least you have everything you could possibly want new and old. This is being done so you don’t have to search everywhere.

Since I am doing this tags under each post will be your friend. Also on top of the page where it says updated categories you can click each one and it will take you to all posts in that category.

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Site: Grand Opening

This site is dedicated to the talented and wonderful actor Alexander Skarsgard. You may know him as his character Eric from the hit HBO show True Blood. This site is brand new, and I decided to load the site with decent content first. You may not usually see this when I new site opens, but I don’t believe opening a site without a decent amount of content.

As of right now I have a little bit of content in each portion of the site. What you can expect to see from this day forward is a lot of updates. I will be focusing on the gallery, wallpapers, icons, signature forums, and interview updates.

The gallery isn’t finished yet. Please bare me, as I will be adding as much photos I can eaach week. My first agenda is to finish the screencaps of all True Blood episodes. You can view some of them now at the gallery archive.

Please enjoy your stay here at Alexander Skarsgard Web, feel free to let friends know about this site, and if you like the site or have suggestions please leave a comment.

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Site Is Not Opened Yet

If you happen to fall upon this site please come back later. This site isn’t officially open and it currently getting everything pretty much on the ground floor and will hopefully be up and running within a month.

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Next On True Blood

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